Blood and Bone Halloween Banquet

The fabulous Blood and Bone Banquet, presented by The Bison Bar and Darkside Productions, was an affair to remember.  Held at C-Square, the event took place in the moonlight under a specially built fairy light canopy in the courtyard.  The evening took its inspiration from the spiritual roots of Halloween – the eve before All Saints’ Day, where the souls of the dead are remembered, and our own mortality is set before us. 

Blood and Bone was a collaborative affair between The Bison Bar and Darkside Productions.  Darkside project managers collaborated with several unique business



Welcoming Majestic Cinemas

The owners of C-Square are excited to welcome Majestic Cinemas to the Civic Centre, and usher in the beginnings of a new era of entertainment for C-Square and the community.  <<  READ MORE

Who are Majestic Cinemas?

Majestic Cinemas are about to become C-Square’s new major tenant, when they take up residence in the former Nambour Civic Centre.  Majestic Cinemas are a successful independent cinema company with multi-screen operations in regional NSW. The cinema in Nambour will be their first in Queensland. They are experienced in working with regional communities, and will provide a wide range of entertainment for all ages.  <<  READ MORE



C-Square – The new heart of Nambour

In 1990, architect James Birrell created a link between the Nambour train station and the township of Nambour – it was called Centenary Square. Consisting of retail and office spaces, a large courtyard, and a pedestrian thoroughfare, Centenary Square became the cultural and economic centre of the town.

Changes and challenges in the following years affected the Square, but today, the C-Square space is re-connecting with its users and with the wider community. C-Square is re-emerging as the cultural and commercial centre of Nambour. Real incentives exist for businesses to get in early and play a part in this important change.

Nambour and C-Square are on the move. Be a part of something great.