• Switch Espresso (map)
  • 52-64 Currie Street
  • Nambour, QLD, 4560
  • Australia

Short, simple, silly and superb.

A delightful little romp that has plenty of playful shtick but also offers some touching reminders of the ups and downs of developing a strong friendship. Discover how the power of friendship can turn someone’s life upside down and help them fly to new heights in this original, fun, exciting and uplifting comedy for all ages.

Originally written for children by Barry Kornhauser, Balloonacy! transcends into theatre for seniors, people with language difficulties  and those with special rights. Think the silent era of early film and the clowning style of Jaques Tati, Jerry Lewis and Marcel Marceau combined.

Tickets: $10
Kids under 2 years FREE!

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