• The Bison Bar (map)
  • 52-64 Currie Street
  • Nambour, QLD, 4560
  • Australia

Under the cover of darkness, anything is possible…

Bethan Ellsmore is a curious urban fantasist who insists that you can sing Mozart, The Strokes, Weill and Sia in the same soiree.

Join her in a seductive and slightly silly cabaret as she takes you from the frivolity of an operatic dream to the murky reality of a nightclub weaving stories of aching hearts and heartfelt abandon.

Straying from the safety of the babes of Babushka Cabaret, Bethan wanders the heady streets of her party-girl existence, dodging dangers and finding joyous moments of revelry, shared with the audience through arresting arrangements of arias, music theatre, pop songs and her original music.

Ellsmore’s voice is a remarkable instrument and she plays it flawlessly
— Blue Curtains

Doors: 7pm  |  Tickets: $30