Come and enjoy A Day at C-Square and join in the interactive Pom Pom Palace. Sit back and have a cuppa from Switch Café while the House of Sole dance. Listen to 200 Ukulele Masters and let the kids enjoy the comedy show with Captain Australia. Walk through a Wordscape and make musical instruments with Junktown.

Come to C-Square and enjoy the fun. A Day at C Square is a free family festival that activates Nambour’s Centenary Square. Supporting local artists, A Day at C-Square will host The Sunshine Coast Ukulele Masters, The House of Sole, The Pom Pom Palace, Captain Australia, Wordscape, Junktown and Face Painting.

A Day in C Square is a family day of entertainment and interactive workshops. We aim to fill the Centenary square with colour and people and have specifically programmed this event as a safe, free festival for families with young children highlighting local talent and professional performers.

Ross Miller - Ignatius Productions
Captain Australia is a super hero like no other. With his trusty cricket bat he defeats villains who attempt to destroy the Australian way of life. Watch out Mr Racism, better duck for cover Mr Fasicm because Captain Australia is here to bowl you for six. Captain Australia tells the history of our country with with humour, song and just darn pretty good fun. This is a history lesson with a twist.

Sunshine Coast Ukelele Masters
How many Ukelele's can you fit in C Square? Come and find out while you sit back and listen to the Sunshine Coast Ukelele Masters in a day of fun for all the family. Play the ukulele and sing! It makes so many people happy.

Junktown deliver fun, engaging, interactive musical instrument making workshops catering to Kids and the young at heart. Developing and constructing simple instruments from recycled materials, forming groups and combinations, exploring song writing and improvisation, the overall joy of making music from the ground up culminates in an interactive performance where what has been made/shared/learned in their workshop is brought to life in a group performance. Tim Hall and Anthony Pizzica bring decades of instrument making, song writing, improvisation and professional performance experience to this magical combo.

Liam Herne is an artist from Watford, UK who predominately works with photographic media and video. Wordscape is an interactive installation that encourages creativity through art and words. Visitors and passers by will be asked to pick a word at random from a box and then draw a picture that represents that word with chalk on the exterior walls and floor of the walkway leading to Centenary Square Nambour. Wordscape’s aim is for the participants to become the artists and showcase their imaginations and creativity.  All ages are welcome to take part and no artistic training is required.

Pom Pom Palace
Crafty Jane Little is a childrens craft facilitator, passionate about inspiring children to work creatively with their hands. She offers the Pom Pom Palace, an interactive art space in which children and their families can participate in making something amazing with yarn. In a workshop, with hands busy, ideas sprout and blossom into, something. There are hurdles to overcome, there are feelings to be expressed. And at the end of it all we take something amazing away, made with our own two hands. Where we sit, and make pom poms, finger knitting, spool knitting and other yarny crafts.

The event will run from 10am - 4pm.
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