• The Bison Bar (map)
  • 52-64 Currie Street
  • Nambour, QLD, 4560
  • Australia

Local artist Robyn Brown has had an interesting year. Releasing her second album, touring with International jazz artists, performing with Galapagos Duck and running the Nambour Winter Jazz Fest are just some of the things that have filled up her year so far.

Well-respected in the jazz scene Robyn’s smooth voice and soulful style has gained her popularity amongst Australian audiences. Performing at jazz clubs and festivals around the country, she brings her show home to the Sunshine Coast on Sunday 24th September.

Fascinated by the history of jazz and blues, Robyn loves to include many early blues and swing gems in her repertoire. Interpreting songs from as early as the late 1800s through to the mid 190...0s, these songs are made new and appealing to today’s audiences.

“I love to find songs that are a bit more obscure”, says Robyn, “songs that aren’t so well known, adapt them and bring out my own interpretation of the song. There are so many great songs out there from many years ago that are still entertaining to a modern audience.”

With songs from Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters, Lillian Green, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, Robyn takes us on an entertaining journey through different styles and genres, telling the stories behind the songs along the way.