• Majestic Cinemas (map)
  • 52-64 Currie Street
  • Nambour, QLD, 4560
  • Australia

This production may contain coarse language, sexual references and material that can offend. Suitable for 15+. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

There are few comics in the world with the tenacity and killer instinct of Austen Tayshus. The Comedy Superstar who first came into being in 1981, has the ability to take a room hostage, just with his tongue.

Topical, dangerous, irreverent, he is the High Priest of satire, unflappable and relentless. He is the closest thing the Australian Comedy Scene has to Bill Hicks. Except Austen Tayshus is very much alive.

Every show is unique. He weaves current politics, what’s happening in the room, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, semantics, religion and of course, sport and let’s not forget the Pope into the one gag.

Tayshus is a man of controversy. There is no subject he won’t dissect. Uncomfortable, confronting but always illuminating. An Austen Tayshus Show is both hilarious and cleansing.