• The Bison Bar (map)
  • 52-64 Currie Street
  • Nambour, QLD, 4560
  • Australia

Art as Catharsis are chuffed to announce the Australian album tour for Brisbane experimental jazz trio Milton Man Gogh's debut release, Stress to Impress.

MMG is an experimental trio, formed as an outlet for the members to play the original compositions that no-one else wanted to play. Having performed and recorded together in various freelance and original settings over the last few years, the boys felt that the combination of shit yarns, shit music, a tortured, self-mutilating artist and a certain domestic beer made perfect sense; they decided to go ahead and give it a Man Gogh.

MMG are delighted to be performing on the 10th of March at the Bison Bar in Nambour!

Doors from 3, MMG from 3:30.
~$16.50 online...~


Rarely before has a band’s own bio accurately summed up the inspirations, influences and musical intent of what their music sounds like than the above portion from the bio of Milton Man Gogh (fuck me, what a band name) does. Well, except for the fact that this is not shit music. Simply put, MMG’s new seven-track album scratches both the itch of wanting both a solid jazz album and a good experimental release.
— Alex Sievers, Killyourstereo.com