If you are a business looking to locate or relocate in Nambour, real incentives exist now to become part of C-Square.

There are a variety of potential retail and office spaces available, ranging in size and position, throughout the precinct.

We are developing two tenant zones at C-Square: one primarily focused on retail and entertainment, and one on offices and services. We will be carefully considering the tenant mix in those zones to cater for commercial and community needs. If you are a business looking to get in early and position yourself to take advantage of the changes in C-Square, please contact us now.


The Courtyard and retail tenancies on the ground floor and mezzanine will feature convenient shopping and entertainment options such as:

·       bakeries or cafés
·       restaurants or other food outlets, and
·       bookshops, clothing, or homewares.

The redevelopment of the courtyard area will tie into this tenant mix to create a place that will encourage people to come into C-Square to eat, shop, explore, be entertained, and share in the heart of Nambour.

Majestic Cinemas are now screening multiple movie sessions each day, featuring Blockbuster and Arthouse films and everything in between. Plans are in place to refurbish the interior of the Majestic Cinemas building over the next 12-18 months so that it can hold five movie theatres, significantly increasing the number of screenings – and number of patrons – each day. Live performing arts and community events are also held at the venue, so large groups of people are coming to C-Square regularly, and that is expected to increase.

This redevelopment will also include a new restaurant with a full commercial kitchen, a café, and other retail or entertainment opportunities close to the Cinemas.

A foot-traffic strategy will help us to engage with the high number of theatre patrons coming to the complex, as well as commuters accessing rail and bus services behind C-Square. This area will also have entertainment options with a focus on live music, as well as licensed night-time venues catering to different crowds and tastes.


The office tower currently hosts a mix of professional suites, government agencies, and community sector organisations. As part of the redevelopment of the Square, it is envisioned that this area could extend the entertainment theme with a focus on creative arts businesses and education. Some business types that may be suitable for this area include:

·       drama and dance studios
·       performing arts schools
·       professional suites for creative industries
·       serviced offices, and
·       business training facilities.

Office tenants will be able to take advantage of all the features of the Courtyard, including increased exposure for their business from people coming to C-Square for other purposes.

Secure Parking offers very competitive rates at the attached multi-storey car park, and both bus and train arrive at Nambour Station, which is connected to C-Square.

Spaces range in size from 19sqm up to 1000sqm+, and attractive packages are available for the right tenants.

Opportunity still exists to position your business at C-Square.
Michael Greenup at michael@firstassetmanagement.com.au can tell you more.
Contact us now to get in early. Be a part of something great.