Nambour’s centre is positively blossoming, thanks to the establishment of the C-Square Community Garden.

C-Square’s Placemaker Wallea Coolihawk and a team of willing workers last Wednesday were prepared to get down and get dirty planting out vegetables, herbs and flowers to bring new life to the once barren centre of the square.

Wallea said the initiative came in an interesting round-about way.

“I had organised a hip-hop-hoedown in the courtyard and used hay bales to give the event an authenticcountry look,” she said. “After it was finished, we thought it would be a good idea to use the bales to create a community garden.”

With another garden initiative under her trowel, On the Verge, in a different location in a Nambour street, and the encouragement of C-Square’s management team, Wallea took on the new project. After adding some garden mulch and some water to the bales and then embedding the donated plants, everyone is now sitting back awaiting the results.

“I hope people who use the square will take on ownership of the garden, perhaps pulling out a weed as they pass by, and when plants have grown, harvesting some for their needs,” she said.

 Many people with social challenges often pass through C-Square, and Wallea hopes the garden will give them not only a source of fresh food but a sense of belonging to a community that cares for its members.

Photos and text by Jeanette Morrison, Nambour.