When Kieren Dell, CEO of Majestic Cinemas, arrived on the Sunshine Coast, he set out for C-Square, Nambour. ‘Just where is Nambour?’ was Kieren’s first question, and on learning a little about the town’s history and the closure of the mill, he wasn’t sure what he’d find.

Walking into the Bison Bar, Kieren was met with a surprise. And that surprise continued when he met one of C-Square owner’s, John Sorrentino. ‘It was clear from the beginning that the owners of C-Square wanted a partnership,’ Kieren said. ‘They didn’t just want a tenant-landlord relationship. They had a vision, and wanted to work with people who shared it. The Nambour Activation Plan was underway, and plenty of businesses and residents in town were already forging ahead. It looked like a very exciting place to be.’

‘It’s also a very welcoming place to be,’ said Michelle Weir, Manager of Majestic Cinemas Nambour. After relocating to Nambour to help establish the operation, Michelle has come to know the town pretty well. ‘One of the things that makes this town so special is the support that people show for each other,’ she said. ‘There’s been such support from the community and from local businesses. We’ve been working with the shopping centre, the RSL, Taco Boy, Level Up Lounge, Urban Fiction, Nook & Cranny, DownTown and others to promote their products and services, and ours,’ Michelle said. ‘It’s great to be able to share special deals and offers with each other’s customers. Getting word out about the great things on offer is always a good thing,’ she said. And with 2,000 Movie Club members, plenty of Nambourians are making the most of $8 movie tickets and Candy Bar discounts, all for a $25 annual fee.

It was the great things on offer that drew Michelle to the cinema industry to begin with. ‘I’ve always been a cinema lover,’ she said. ‘I love going to see a film. And I love that a cinema can be a hub for the community. That’s our hope for Majestic in Nambour. As an independent cinema, we have negotiated really good access to a range of content – just as good as or better than some of the larger cinemas. And people can come to see films here, in their own town. What’s shown here can reflect the choices of the community. We hope that there will be something for everyone. And with four cinemas operating, there will be so many screenings.’

The redevelopment of Majestic Cinemas Nambour from two to four cinemas, while retaining the capability for live performances in two of the theatres, is already underway, and completion is expected in time for the busy Christmas season. To see what’s showing currently, click on the following link: http://www.majesticcinemas.com.au/