Majestic Cinemas in Nambour is pleased to announce that the long-awaited redevelopment of its Cinema complex has commenced.

This transformation will allow Majestic Cinemas to show a greater range of movies and for longer seasons, which will give people an opportunity to see the movies they want, when they want. We will continue to host live performances with a range of audience sizes. Nambour will have the ability to showcase a wider range of entertainment options than ever before.

Majestic Cinemas will remain open for business during the redevelopment and we will be working hard to minimize any disruption for our customers. The existing cinema will operate throughout the redevelopment and of course retains the live event capabilities that have always been there.

Majestic Cinemas are building the cinema complex that Nambour deserves and the end result will be a modern, state of the art cinema facility with full disabled access to all cinemas and an overall improved facility for all cinema goers.

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