Michelle Weir, Manager of Majestic Cinemas Nambour, is excited to announce that patrons can again enjoy a cool, crisp glass of wine when they come to the movies. ‘We knew it was something people loved about the Arthouse cinema in the past, and now, we’re pleased to offer that same experience to patrons again,’ she said.

Majestic have recently had their liquor license application approved, and are in the process of trialling the best way to serve it. ‘We need to offer a drink that is completely safe in the theatre environment,’ Michelle said. ‘We know that there are children around, and we don’t want broken glass on the floor of a darkened movie theatre, so we researched alternatives and found a great new product being produced from Australian wines. The ‘Wine in a Glass’ concept was designed just for our situation, and provides serves of red and white wine in a safe, shatter-proof glass that is really comfortable to hold, and sits nicely in the cup holders or on tables in the foyer!’

Four types of Australian-made wine are available – Moscato, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz – to suit every palette. And naturally, Majestic are complying with the rules and regulations required for serving alcohol, and going a step further, considering the best time for offering it. ‘We know that going to the movies is often an outing for families and children, so we’re currently trialling service of our new alcohol offering from 3pm, just in time for that after-work or pre-dinner drink, but after the time that children have generally gone home. We hope that this timing will target the audience for evening and Arthouse films who are most likely to enjoy a glass of wine with a screening,’ Michelle said.

With renovations planned for later in the year, Majestic are open to adjusting their menu to fit the new space and the taste of patrons. If there are any new ‘flavours’ that you’d prefer to be drinking as part of your visit to the movies, don’t hesitate to mention it to the staff. To see what’s coming up at Majestic, click on this link to their session times, and enjoy a glass of wine with it!

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