The architecture of C-Square is a much-discussed feature of this unique space. Designed with the vision of reimagining an Elizabethan Theatre by architect James Birrell, the collection of buildings that make up C-Square can be entered from three street frontages across three different levels.

As the revitalisation of this arts and entertainment precinct continues, we noticed that our pedestrian visitors needed a simple solution to make sense of how to find their destination from all entry points.

Enter local design company POMO. Specialising in combining design with strategy, POMO have developed a strategic wayfinding solution for the site. After 12 months of research and creative concept development, the first stage of wayfinding signage was installed by late 2016. Design Director Stephen Burton says "C-Square presented a very real challenge from a wayfinding point of view, anyone who walks through the space who is not already familiar with it can easily find themselves lost and disorientated. A comprehensive wayfinding solution was needed that provided information to people in the key areas where we observed people becoming lost and confused."

Using distinctive black and white graphics and the modern directional signage points pedestrians to their destination along the most direct, sensible route. Different zones of the precinct have been given logical names to make navigation simple. Key features such as accessible, toilets, the lift, train station and parking are identified using universally recognised symbols.

Visitors to C-Square will notice that the further away you are from your destination, the more detail is available to you. Subsequently, the larger signs at the extremities of the precinct list our tenants alphabetically, by zone. As you enter the space, signage indicating the location of each zone makes for quick recognition of where you are headed. Once you have reached your desired zone, look around to find the tenant you are seeking. Similarly, once you are ready to leave, the wayfinding signs will indicate the quickest way to get to the train station, car park or Currie Street from where you are.

The final suite of wayfinding signage will be installed over the next few months, giving visitors to C-Square confidence that they will now find what they came for.

New C-Square signage, in the courtyard.

New C-Square signage, in the courtyard.