Hearing is precious, and fragile - and a local business, Attune Hearing, are making inroads in to protecting that valuable asset.

We rely on our hearing to communicate and connect to the world around us, but how much do we value our hearing health? We consider it important to have eye tests, and regular health checks, so why then don’t we consider hearing checks important?

As humans, we thrive on family, friends, socialising, working, contributing to each other's lives and enjoying activities from family get-togethers to music, sports, comedy, arts and travel. How would you cope if not hearing well changed all that? Hearing loss is common, and impacts all generations of society from babies through to the baby boomers with 1 in every 6 Australians experiencing hearing loss. Individuals may develop hearing loss from a wide range of causes such as a genetic condition, a birth defect, a syndrome, head trauma, acoustic shock, medicinal side-effect, sudden hearing loss or ageing.

A highly valued and important member of the C-Square Nambour business community, Attune is Australia's largest privately owned, full service audiology company. They are supported by over 70 local ENT Specialists who work in close collaboration with audiologists across Australia. Together these audiologists and ENT Specialists have developed the leading clinical framework for audiology in Australia. Attune is a full service audiology company, and in 2014 was the first and is still the only audiology company in Australia to achieve accreditation nationally against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

As part of Hearing Awareness week, between the dates of Monday 21st and Friday 25th of August 2017, we invite the local community to contact Attune Hearing Nambour for a COMPLIMENTARY HEARING SCREEN!

Please call 07 5453 6310, or visit www.attune.com.au for an appointment.