What’s Changing?

Changes that will revitalise C-Square and position it as the cultural and economic centre of Nambour are underway. These changes are being undertaken carefully and in stages. Some changes are already taking place.

The recent arrival of Majestic Cinemas is a great addition to entertainment in Nambour and the hinterland. With a variety of films from Blockbuster to Arthouse, there is something for everyone, along with live performing arts and community events.

Recently-revised rates by Secure Parking now mean great value for long- or short-stay parking, every day of the week! Enjoy the convenience of parking right at C-Square, without having to worry about the cost.

There are a range of new businesses moving into C-Square to provide options for those looking to:

•       grab a coffee or shop for something quirky or artistic
•       come and enjoy your lunch on our Artgrass picnic spots
•       gather after work for a social drink and to enjoy some live music, or
•       enjoy night markets and events in the Courtyard.

Following on from these changes, the Square will continue to evolve into an exciting and vibrant town centre. A number of further changes will include:

•       extensive courtyard redevelopment to create a place where people will come to sit, enjoy, and interact
•       increased after-hours entertainment options with a focus on live music, restaurants, and bars
•       new signage that will help people find the Square, and direct them easily to their destination, and
•       more greenery and beautification of the key entry points into C-Square.

“We want people to walk into C-Square and be intrigued by the design - unlike anything else on the Sunshine Coast. By using green elements and natural tones, people will feel connected to the space and relaxed. Exploring further, they will see modern shop fronts and businesses, designed in such a way as to create a sharp contrast with the surrounding physical environment. In this way, the historical aspects of the precinct are renewed and given a new life within a modern context.”

Why is it Important?

Nambour is in the midst of revitalisation. Positive changes are occurring throughout the town, and the role that C-Square has to play in those changes is crucial.

There is no other physical location in Nambour like C-Square and in the next few years, C-Square will emerge as the new heart of the town.

These changes are being driven by collaboration between a diverse range of local professionals. Everyone involved in C-Square is passionate about seeing Nambour succeed, and committed to creating something that the community will embrace and love.

If you are a business looking to open or relocate, real incentives exist to get in early at C-Square. Take advantage of the changes and be a part of something significant.